Installation view, ASABI (bottom left) in Index (Some of All Parts), One of These Things is Not Like the Other (2019), Pamila Matharu and Sister Co-Resister, A Space Gallery, Toronto 

ASABI IV  (2018) is a two channel performance-for-video and ceramic installation comprised of remnants of a process-oriented temporal intervention. This piece aims to communicate the visceral experiences surrounding labour, exhaustion, and the optics of trauma performativity. The artist uses the emblematic of destruction and cleaning to explore a multitude of concerns, both personal and systemic surrounding the labour of women of colour.

Asabi (عصبی/ pronounced àsàbi), is an Arabic-rooted Farsi word translating to neurotic, anxious, and angry. The ASABI series is a four-part body of works consisting of process-based interpretations of this word. Through repetitive engagement with the subject, the artist seeks to reclaim the power of language and liberate the emotion of anxiety from its cultural and gendered baggage.

Mediums: Bisque-fired ceramic letters, ink, temporal intervention
Two channel video, duration: 24:18

Assistant: Aeman Ansari; Edits: Zahra Komeylian, soJin Chun

ASABI/عصبی installation view, Asian Art Biennale, Aug