Zahra Komeylian’s cross-disciplinary practice encompasses process-based engagement with sculpture, installation, and performance art. Komeylian is primarily concerned with experimental modalities of inquiry which unpack material or conceptual semiotics through elastic, temporal engagement to reveal new meanings and propensities during process. Current thematic interests include intertextual inquiry into the conditions of convergence between the preverbal and political and re-complicating the body within stratified power landscapes. Komeylian holds an MA in Psychology in Education (2016) from Columbia University. She is the recipient of the Ontario Arts Council Chalmers Fellowship for emerging artists, and has exhibited her work in Canada, New York, Bangladesh and Iran. Komeylian’s first solo in Toronto, Container for a Precarious Record, was exhibited at  Xpace Cultural Centre Gallery in April 2019.

Curriculum Vitae 

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